Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flat Angel's Visit

 Flat Angel has come to visit us all the way from Deer Lodge, Montana.  Jessica Danforth sent her in a letter (it is quite handy being flat sometimes.)  Angel likes to play games, make new friends and go places.

Angel arrived yesterday morning, so she went with me to pick up Luna from Kindergarten.  Luna's kindergarten is at a church, so we showed Angel the pretty church in our village.

Then we ventured inside to pick up Luna.  Angel got to meet all the German schoolchildren. They were also quite excited to meet her when they found out she came all the way from the United States!

We showed Angel all of the old timber framed houses along the street.

The we went to the bakery to pick up some buns or "Brötchen" for our lunch.

Angel wanted some of the yummy, sweet looking goodies in the case, though.  It is very common for Germans to stop at the bakery every day for fresh bread.

We made some cheese sandwiches with our Laugenbrötchen (pretzel rolls).

Then Angel helped us make some turkeys out of toilet rolls.  Germans don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so we will be celebrating at a special dinner hosted by some American friends of ours.  The guests will include Americans, British, German, Spanish, Finnish, Slovakian and Dutch, some of whom have never had a Thanksgiving dinner before!

Then we went to Herzogenaurach, the next town over, to do some shopping on the main street.  We love the medieval towers there, and Luna thinks that is where Rapunzel lives.  You can really see the timber framing on the buildings in this picture!

We had a great time showing Flat Angel around.  We are so glad that she was able to come visit!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

St. Martin's

Every year that Luna has been in school, we have joined her classmates and their families on a cold night out for a walk with lanterns, to celebrate St. Martin's day.  This year Luna got to be in the play, because she is a "Vorschulekind."

Tess was bundled up!

Some of the lanterns, and yes, these paper lanterns all have real candles burning in them.

The priest getting ready to bless the event.

All the kids watching the Vorschulekind play or "Spiel."

Luna was thrilled to be selected as a pony, with her very own Ritter (rider or knight.)

Guess her Ritter also doubled as Batman when needed.

Luna's line: "Jedes Jahr um diese Zeit, Halten wir unsere Laternen bereit!" (Every year at this time, We hold our lanterns ready! - Doesn't rhyme in English...)  She did a good job saying it nice and slow, and LOUD.  I didn't anticipate the microphone when I told her to say it as loud as she could...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

What a motley crew!

Tess went as a lobster.  It was really cold here yesterday, so I figured the robot was a bit too cold for riding around in the stroller!

The whole gang.

Luna really loved running around and knocking on all the doors this year.  She was also quite happy to go inside and make herself at home!

Full moon.

The spoils...

In case you couldn't tell, our little sprites hair was sparkly and gold.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Snapshots

Tess likes to help with laundry.  When it is warm she likes to climb on top and lay tummy down on it.

Luna loves "playing" with Tess, which generally involves various forms of rolling around, dragging, or carrying Tess.

Haven't had a stranded baby, recently  I like this one...

Fall Picture.

Guess what?  More laundry!  Oh, and a pony.

Luna discovered the year old box of chocolates that were sitting on the counter, earmarked to get thrown away.  She helped herself.  We had to let her.

The baby however, had to settle for crumbs; of which, no doubt, there were many.

I made some yummy pumpkin cupcakes.

Luna crowned Tess as her assistant, princess in training.

Love giving Tess spaghetti.  So funny to watch her suck up the noodles!

Tess started sleeping in her own crib at night... all night. Phew.

We had hard boiled eggs for lunch one day.

She wasn't real sure at first...

But she ate the whole thing.

Luna got her first sewing lesson...

And yesterday Tess felt her first snowflakes.